The world is in turmoil.

Systems are being questioned and turned upside down.

The dark is emerging as the light struggles to neutralize and balance it.

Within this paradigm, a new earth is awakening.

And you are one of the engineers of this new way of being.

You are a bearer of light, a bringer of a new type of harvest, one that doesn’t compete with or compromise others, but instead shows others what is possible, one that raises the field of potentiality on the planet so that all may experience greater abundance and greater love.

You were made for these times.

And while they might be challenging, they are opening you to an entirely new experience of opportunity, of blessings, of divine gifts.

It is all available for you here…the harvest, the bounty that you have accumulated and amassed from the richness of the earth’s relationship to the Sun in the peak season of Summer. The seeds that were planted back in Spring have sprouted and grown and the crops, the rich abundance of nourishment, are now ready to be gathered, honored and celebrated. 

For it is this abundance that you carry with you as you move forward, it is this harvest that nourishes you and supports you as you enter the period of less light. It is this harvest that assures you that less light has the ability to not only sustain us, but to inspire us and show us the way, for within the darkness, there is alway light.

From the harvest springs love, generosity, cooperation and the abundance that comes when you embrace what you have so that it supports you and allows your lightworker spirit to weave even more magic in the world.

And this harvest extends far beyond what you might typically perceive as abundance, for so much of the work that you have been doing is on the spiritual plane. 

As you’ve navigated a world in chaos and crisis, as you’ve stepped into your own shadow so that your healing may empower even others beyond you, as you’ve claimed your sovereignty and your powerful expansion and awakening, you’ve been potently activating yourself on the energetic level.

You’ve been accessing new codes of awareness, ascension and abundance. And there is so much magic waiting to be ignited.

This is just the beginning. There is so much available to you and the energy of the Autumnal Equinox – of Mabon – is opening its door to you, preparing you to reap the benefits of all that you’ve been sowing.

It's time to harvest the fruits of all of your energetic labor - the spiritual, emotional, and physical work that you have put forth. This Autumnal Equinox Activation is designed to support you in calling in more prosperity and abundance, while appreciating all that you've traversed, knowing that it's creating all the gold that's coming towards you.

Are you ready to jump through this portal?

Are you ready to reap the codes, light sources and activations that are meant for your soul’s accelerated ascension?

And how would it feel to enter the portal with a powerful collective of lightworkers who share the same intention as you?

Join Ina Lukas and Janet Raftis along with their collectives of non-physical beings for a powerful, light filled, Source driven, magic accelerated activation that will not just anchor in your current energetic harvest, but that will also open you up to receiving even more - more downloads, abundance codes, awareness, and deep, deep potent activations for your soul's ascension.


The Fall Equinox is held in the portal of the Full Moon in Pisces.

Pisces is the sign of the psychic shaman - it allows you to see beyond the veil and receive deeper messages from your Soul. In the energy of the Pisces moon you are able to access powerful oracular vision.

We will be working with the energy of the Full Moon to release that which is holding you back from bringing your most abundant gifts into the world.




In this Full Moon in Pisces Fall Equinox Activation, you will:

  • ⚜️ Anchor in the energetic abundance you’ve been sowing so that you may enjoy it here and now in the physical realm
  • ⚜️ Activate codes of abundance to further boost the energy of your harvest
  • ⚜️ Accelerate your ascension process
  • ⚜️ Amplify your lightworker essence so that the seeds of your ascension are harvested across time and space for the healing and expansion of all
  • ⚜️ Align with expanded beliefs and opportunities for success


1-2pm PT/4-5pm ET



* By purchasing this activation, I agree to these Terms of Use.


If you can't make the call live, no worries! You'll receive the recording right away afterwards.
Your Guides are working with you through the activation, bringing through exactly what you need to hear.

This a sacred recording that you can return to many times.

Janet and Ina, your workshop was one of the most profound experiences I have ever had. I cannot thank you enough for all you put into it for us!! I am reeling from the benefits of today and will be forever, I am sure. Thank you for changing my life and helping me to step into my power.” ~ Selden Beylouni

“Ina and Janet, you two are a dynamic duo! You ladies are beyond mind, heart and spirit have been blown wide open in such a powerful and life changing way. I’m full of fire, love and inspiration! I’m still integrating so much and the gratitude I have for both of you and the work you bring to this world is so huge in every way! Thank you with ALL of my heart.” ~ Brook Gardner



Janet Raftis and Ina Lukas are alchemical, shamanic, creatrix channels whose work together supports you in remembering and activating your own innate power and wisdom.

Through the activations that they facilitate for their community of planetary shifters and lightworkers, they initiate the remembrance of gifts and powers from past lifetimes. Intuition is turned on, light language begins to flow, latent healing abilities become active and suppressed power is catalyzed into the ability to receive greater abundance, richer relationships and exciting opportunities.

They are co-founders of the KAIROS Healers Academy, a year-long magical trade school for the healing and intuitive arts.  The new school year begins on Samhain -  November 6th, 2021. 

They also facilitate deeply potent channeled activations throughout the Wheel of the Year (Solstices, Equinoxes, Cross-Quarters) aligning you to the rhythms of nature and harnessing your own potential to tap into your intuitive gifts and to spiritually evolve.

They lead retreats at Sacred Activation sites around the world that provide even more life transforming opportunities to remember and activate the bigger Soul memory of who you truly are.



“What can I possibly say about working with Janet and Ina? The experience really defies description. It’s such an otherworldy experience, in the best way possible. It’s like entering another dimension that is connected in the here and now to a timeless realm of powerful women across the ages that met in healing and in ceremony, in connection to the moon and the earth. I can literally feel the presence and power of that sisterhood. 

And in THAT context, Janet and Ina, as finely tuned and devoted conduits of the divine, weave a journey intimately connected to spirit, to source, to the goddess, to the earth. And what can possibly happen in THAT process?! Amazingness. Magic. Deep and profound healing. Anything holding you back, anywhere that there is a lack of self love, can be seen, witnessed, and held in this powerful loving container, which gives it space to transform. 

I have been able to experience breakthroughs of some deeply held patterns without trying! The power of the intention and the love just brings it up and whatever you need to move through it, is there. So amazing! Janet and Ina’s love for each other is clear, which creates an amplified field of love for magic to happen. Their work is different enough, but complementary enough, that the whole ends up being WAY more than the sum of its parts. And when you add in the group of women that show up in sisterhood! Holy potent sacred container! 

Janet and Ina have a way of weaving magic together, and I am profoundly grateful for them creating these beautiful, powerful, magical healing experiences.”
~ Babs Gosselin

“What an amazing experience this workshop was. The gratitude grows and grows as I live reenergized, realigned, reimagined daily. This was a sacred experience that I will hold dear forever. I am still finding the words to express…”
~ Melanie Baumunk

“That activation was life affirming and life altering all at the same time. I am forever transformed.”
~ Anissa Amason






“Yesterday’s potent Red Tent Healing Temple is the most incredibly profound circle experience I’ve ever had. It felt like being home after millennia...I am grateful, blessed and honored to have been present. I look forward to future Red Tent experiences with Janet and Ina.”
~ Shannon Gorton

“Janet and Ina, that session was INSANE. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced an activation that intense before in my entire life. It was a total game changer.”
~ Drea Abshire

“I just did the equinox activation again and I have to say Janet and Ina, y’all are some powerful, fierce ladies. Thank you for what you do; I mean that on the deepest level. I’m so grateful I found you.”
~ Corrie Roberson 

"Um wow!!! That was incredibly amazing !! How in the F!&$ Do you ladies do that??? I mean seriously! Hooowwww? You two are something beyond amazing! I LOVE it when you come together! Outta this world! Thank you!!!!"
~ A.W.

“OMG, I loved every single minute of it. What a powerful combo. This was life-changing and worth the time and investment. I just want more, more, more! THANK YOU FOR AN AMAZING WEEKEND! This was my first retreat ever and it's only upward from here. I can't wait for the next one in Peru and beyond. I love you both!”
~ Sydney

“Holy SOULar Powered Activation! Janet and Ina ~ what can I say ladies?!?! You knocked it out of the cosmos with this activation!!  I was so charged & filled & activated & changed!”
~ Betty Skinner 


“This was my first experience with you and it was powerful. I laughed, I cried, I started the work on feeling some things from childhood and more recently and the process of letting go. My body was vibrating and tingling. I felt the light and the energy. Thank you so much. I really needed this.”
~ C.M.

“OMG!!! Can we talk about that witch wound activation?!?! Seriously, it was THE most potent activation I have EVER experienced! I cried my eyes out! Like intense heavy, fearful crying and lots of coughing. I had an image of me getting my head cut off come up... The lifetimes of persecution!! But wow, you ladies did an AMAZING job settling our nervous systems afterwards. Even though the release was INTENSE, I felt very safe afterwards and was able to fully relax into my body.

Seriously, so much gratitude to you both, Janet and Ina. You are such Divine magic makers!!!”
~ Zanny Anderson

"Holy shit!  That was incredible! You both are incredible world changers and I love you so much!"
Lisa K.

Very powerful Self Love Activation, Ina! Best of all the ones I've been through so far. It definitely WAS an incredible call! Saturday morning, I met with a new coaching prospect and had a great conversation. He handed me a check for 3 months of coaching on the spot! I guess we could call that a money manifestation, yes? Thanks for all the amazing value that you provide with everything you do and everything that you are, Ina!”
~ Kevin 

“I seriously loved every single minute of that workshop! The two of you work so well together, like you’ve been doing these together forever! Like magic! This was mind blowing. I can't even believe that I was on the fence about coming. I would have been so upset if I hadn't come! I 100% believe that the two of you should continue to do these together as much as you can. I CANNOT wait to go to Peru with you two! I feel so blessed that I'm able to give myself such a gift! Thank you for such an amazing weekend!!!”
~ Emily

Opening my heart with Ina and the Alchemists allowed me to manifest an extra $20,000 in a span of a few short weeks. For anyone wanting to increase their financial prosperity, and loosen up around the subject of money, the Alchemists are a surefire bet to manifesting your financial desires! I look forward to working with them on the joyful manifestation of becoming a multi-millionaire! ”  
~ Samuel Jang

“WHOA WITCH ACTIVATION!!! Janet turned into a singing bowl, or y'all playing bowls maybe?! I was a bunch of different animals and I hissed and cackled at my oppressors for thinking they could erase me. I can't even remember half of what I went on during that. It was uber potent. I move my body AND my voice in SO MANY ways and so many new ways. It was Glorious! I started my day this way and then had THE BEST day I have had in a WHIIIIILE! Many thanks ladies!!!
~ Kelbi McCumber Morris

"I did your Prosperity Activation and I came home and my Dad had left me a cheque for $15,000. Not all the money is for me, but isn't that amazing! I get $5,000 of that money. Just like that *snaps finger* It really feels like magic! BLESS YOU"
~ Shari

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