Your child is a bright and wild light in the world, a reflection of the divine, an imprint of Source made manifest.

Through her, the world awakens. Because of him, we are inspired.

And yet, society seeks to stifle our little ones…

Schools and systems are created that dull their innate and divine wild child. They are brainwashed into believing that main-stream is the only stream, the one they have to follow.

Within the system, they become lethargic, they check out, they leave their bodies…

But the thing is:

They were born to be wild. (Cue Steppenwolf)

And as their parent, if you are here, if you are reading this: You know deep down into your bones that your child is so much more than what the system will ever allow her to be.

She is precious. He is a spark of light. They are so attuned to nature, Source, their inner guidance system when they are given the space and the agency to be so.

And also: they were meant for these times. They are sacred disruptors who chose YOU to parent them, knowing that you would allow them to stay true to their innate and wild nature.

Children know who they are. They know how to be themselves.

Yet, how can we, as adults who have been ingrained in the system, know how to truly and fully support them? 

How can we unschool ourselves in order to allow their spirits to fly free? 

And how can we do that in a way that allows them to be safe in this world we live in?

Enter the Shamanic EarthSchooling Activation Series...

✨Come join us on a journey of channeled shamanic activations in which you’ll receive messages from your children on how to best support them as we navigate these times of planetary shifting.  

We will be tapping into our future generations of children who have created a new timeline of a healed planet.  

✨We are asking them what messages they have for us, letting us know as parents how to raise this generation of children to support planetary healing, and create new infrastructures that are built from a heart-centered path of human love and compassion.

This next generation needs to know that they have power over technology and technology does not have power over them.  

They need to know that technology is one small tool that they have available to them. But the most complex and unlimited technology that’s available to them is within their own bodies and within their own minds. 

These next generations are here to shift this dynamic and they are calling in parents who are working with them to develop their own inner technology, to develop their psychic intuitive skills, to develop their ability to receive messages within their bodies, and through their telepathic gifts.  

They are summoning parents who bring them back into connection with nature, their own natural rhythms and cycles, and the messages that the Earth holds for us. 

They summoned YOU.

✨Are feeling called to connect more deeply to your child's true North Star,
while healing your own generational parenting patterns?

✨Are you ready to unschool your own mind as you carve an alternative path of learning for your child that honors their own innate curriculum?

✨What messages does your child’s Higher Self have about how you can best support them as their parent?

✨Isn’t it time to bring balance to the places that are stretched and overwhelmed in your family ecosystem?

Come join us! This activation series is absolutely FREE.

Shamanic EarthSchooling is the antidote
to a family life that is out of balance.

This Shamanic EarthSchooling Activation series is designed to:

💗 Strengthen and heal your relationship with your children

💗 Allow you to receive messages from your children about what they most need right now

💗 Support you in healing your own ancestral wounds and generational traumas that are impacting your parenting

💗 Bring more balance, peace and ease into your family life

💗 Bring more rhythm, ritual, and nature connection into your family life

💗Provide practical, simple solutions to issues arising in your parenting journey

💗 Help you unschool your own mind and unhook from societally conditioned parenting narratives

💗 Answer your questions on homeschooling/unschooling your child

💗 Support you as a conscious parent who is choosing an alternative path for your family

What is the intention of this Shamanic EarthSchooling Activation series?

The intention is to bring through a deeply healing, transformational energy transmission that creates a quantum shift in parenting consciousness for us all.  

Through the combination of the shamanic healing activation that is channeled for the group, and each of the questions in the Love Seats, an alchemical healing process will occur as the collective of families join together. Each of the family threads will be woven together so that everyone listening in will receive exactly what they need to receive, as the intention of healing for all is set. 

What happens in this Shamanic EarthSchooling Activation?

Ina will start the session with a 30 minute channeled shamanic healing activation that taps into the collective energy of the group. Then she will open the floor to your parenting questions for the last hour.  You will have an opportunity to get in the Love Seat and receive channeled intuitive answers and healing from Ina.  Since Ina no longer offers one-on-one sessions, this is the only opportunity you have to receive interactive Q&A healing with her.

✨Mark Your Calendar✨

FREE Shamanic EarthSchooling Activation Series:

✨Friday, October 6th

1:00-2:30pm ET

✨Friday, October 20th

1:00-2:30pm ET

✨Friday, November 3rd

1:00-2:30pm ET

Are you ready to bring balance to your family ecosystem while experiencing generational healing?

Come play!

If you missed the 1st call, you'll get the recording as soon as you register. Here's what people had to say...

💗 "This has been such a powerful reminder of what is truth & what matters 💜 thanks for helping me to tune back in to soul, unplugging from fear 🙏"


💗 "A lot of pain due to built up emotions has gone from my body! You have no idea how powerful and aligned this is for me! I wish I could express! I love you for bringing this to the collective! The energy is so pure… I have not felt this level of love and purity and Divine presence in many many years!"


💗 "So much validation and rememberance"


💗 "Wow. Just beyond multi dimensional. Intergenerational. Just so many levels."


💗 "Oof, the tears of relief of shame and tears of absolute gratitude for you Ina and this experience. 💕"


💗 "And thanks for inviting us to release the guilt, regret and shame as parents."


💗 "Wow sooo powerful, many tears, soo much was released & so many codes 🙏💜"


💗 "I am grandmother but this worked for me perfectly! I needed this. Thank you!!!"


💗 "Still healing my inner child alongside my sweet babies… can’t thank you enough for this release Ina love you beautiful souls beyond words….✨💕"


💗 "It was so beautiful how my kids showed up… their individual energy “colors” their roles in the world 💜💙🧡❤️"


💗 "Good tears coming… this is so amazing!"


💗 "Releasing the guilt of what I am doing wrong- so powerful. I focus on that so much. But the shift in perspective to what I am doing RIGHT. Powerful. Thank you"


💗 " Put todays homeschooling to the side for this.  Ooooo so good and beautiful reminder!  Gratitude!"


💗 "Just wow. so so good.  Ina thank you! Incredible. I'm so blessed."

"I honestly had never heard of you nor your school until late last night! I’m so happy I was aligned to have found you! This was so magical!!!"

Meet your host, Ina Lukas…

As a shamanic channel and professional healer, I've spent decades supporting people in unhooking from the systems and patterns that have kept them blocked from their true genius. I've helped thousands of people around the world free themselves from parenting problems, relationship issues, financial fears, health issues, and more. 

I am also a devoted mama bear who homeschooled/unschooled my two children for 16 years, all while running my own full time businesses. I was raised in both public schooling and world schooling by my parents, which allowed me to see which experiences had the most transformational impact on me as a human being.

Because of this, I chose to carve a different educational path for my children, creating a life-based, self-design curriculum that allowed my children’s own innate gifts and skills to flourish, while honoring the healthy mind/body/spirit development of the whole human being.

Seeing the results of this journey with my children who are now adults, I’m even more passionate about the power of homeschooling and the impact it has on future generations.  

I am co-founder of The Liberated Child: A Conscious Home Learning Program, that takes all that I learned in my homeschooling journey over the past 22 years, teaching parents how to bring their child’s innate curriculum alive while creating more balance and ease, rhythms and rituals, healing and freedom for the whole family.

I’m co-founder of the Kairos Healers Academy, a year-long magical trade school for the healing and intuitive arts.  We teach psychic and intuitive development, along with entrepreneurial skills for healers. Kairos is an unschooling school for the healer's soul, in which we foster our student's abilities to bring in new healing modalities and technologies by bringing them back in sync with their true nature and the rhythms of the cycles and seasons.  

I believe that we all came in with unique medicine that the world is ready to receive.

Which is why it's so deeply important that we truly honor and understand each of our children's own paths.